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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Launceston carpet steam cleaning experts

Carpet steam cleaning is a process by which a pre-treatment solution is applied to the carpet and allowed to dwell for some time thereby emulsifying the dirt, grime and foreign matter in your carpet. Then in one action a hot water rinsing solution is sprayed on to the carpet and immediately removed by high suction removing the dirt, grime, foreign matter as well as the pre-treatment. By using this method all the cleaning solution is removed from your carpet leaving you with fresh, clean and lightly deodorised carpet which is safe for children and asthmatics. This method will stop the re-soiling effect which can be caused by other carpet cleaning methods so your carpets will stay cleaner for longer.

So by regular carpet steam cleaning you will have a healthy, fresh and new looking carpet for longer and be the envy of your friends and family!

Eagle Carpet Care Carpet Cleaners are a well-known and respected Launceston upholstery cleaning specialists who use the “HOT water extraction” method which will remove more stains, body oils and ground-in dirt, than any other cleaning system.

With over thirty years of experience, we have the knowledge & techniques, as well as the best equipment to get even the most soiled upholstery back to their former glory.

You will be amazed at how bright and clean your lounge suite or dining chairs will look after they have been steam cleaned by Eagle Carpet Care carpet cleaning. They will smell lovely and fresh as well as having that soft new fabric feel they used to have when new.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Includes:

  • Schools

  • High-rise buildings and offices

  • Real estate

  • Rental premises

  • Commercial office spaces

  • Industrial buildings

  • Cinemas and shopping complexes

  • Window Cleaning

No job is too big or too small! Give us a call today for prompt, professional service.

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