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Mattress Cleaning

Save money with expert mattress cleaning Launceston

For many, the thought of sleeping in a den of dust mites and germs is enough to cause waking nightmares. However, for more people than we like to think, this is likely a reality. According to a study over 70% of mattresses are contaminated with allergy-inducing dust mites. Still, we all dread the idea of buying a new mattress every eight years, as merchandisers suggest we do.

When cleaning your mattresses, we leave them not only clean and fresh but allergy free as well. Mattresses should be cleaned at least once every six months by a professional cleaner. A neutralising spray can also be used to reduce any allergen irritants between your regular cleaning.

Eagle Carpet Care Carpet Cleaning is equipped with the latest professional machinery on the market. We use a powerful hot water extraction system, which simultaneously cleans and dries the material of your mattress. We work with only with fully trained and qualified mattress steam cleaner technicians, who also will be able to give advice and recommend the appropriate treatment for diverse types of spillage and stains.

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